Banish Your Fear of Freedom in Worship!

Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!
John 8:36

It's time to shake off every restriction, every inhibition, every reservation and every stumbling block that hinders you from experiencing freedom in your worship to God!

Kimberly Bulgin

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What People Are Saying:

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    Jillian Monét

    Praise and Worship Clinician and Worship Pastor

    "Wild Worship is rock solid theology and incredibly practical application. The insights have the power to move your heart and mind to authentic worship. Kimberly is a veteran worshiper whose life radiates the truth of this amazing book. Everyone needs this book in their library."

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    Karene McCalla

    Worship Leader

     "Downloaded and started reading this book and I AM LOVING IT!!! What a blessing, an eye opener, a heart warmer!! "

  • Keishauni George

    Founder, Keishauni George Ministries

    "Within minutes of its release, I knew I had to read this E-Book!
    Wild Worship #2, "Freedom to Believe" was especially a blessing and spoke life into my being. I thought I was the only ‘ Wild Worshipper” who covered my worship space with declarations!!!! I can testify - declarations and affirmations ignite the power to believe! If you are imprisoned by unbelief or if you want to ignite your worship experience, get your copy today! When you read Kimberly Bulgin’s new release Wild Worship it will do just that, give you the freedom to worship wild!"

In this book you will find:

  1. Eight Bible-based devotional thoughts that will challenge and stretch your relationship with God!
  2.  Anointed "Wild Worship Playlists" to accompany your personal worship time!
  3. Probing questions that will encourage transparent conversations with Jesus!

Who is Kimberly Bulgin?

 I've been a worship leader, public speaker and music teacher for over ten years! I help people who feel a level of restriction in their worship life explore and discover methods and avenues of freedom in their worship experience, thus deepening their relationship with God.

I'm tired of our worship being arrested by the enemy! It is my mission to help people receive the GREAT news found in John 8:36 “…Whom the Son sets free is FREE indeed…” 

In my free time, I enjoy people that make me laugh at loud decibels, cooking vegan cuisine, working out, eating mangoes, watching youtube videos on how to make my natural hair look amazing, and spending quality time with family and friends. 

Join me on my journey to enjoying  and embracing the true freedom that comes from worshiping God!

Now let's get WILD!

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